Hints and Tips

To help you with your CSR planning we have pulled together a few hints and tips to assist you in having an impact on the environment, community, economy and on education in your local area:

  1. If you are struggling to find local organisations that need your support look at the ‘Opportunities for volunteering’ section on the Raising the Bar website which lists new opportunities for you to support.
  2. You could try Turning the temperature down by 1°C in your workplace, this can save 8% on your heating bill. Carbon Trust Thermometers can help you measure the temperature in your workplace and raise awareness of energy saving among employees – http://www.carbontrust.com/resources/tools/carbon-trust-thermometer
  3. If you are close to a charity or community need, think about how your staff can get involved, this can make staff feel valued and on board with the company strategy.
  4. Buying products locally can improve the economic state of your local area, boost business for organisations in your network and reduced the impact on the environment due to the distant your supplies travel reducing their carbon footprint.
  5. Review the impact you think your company has on both the environment (energy use, waste etc.). Consider how your employees are treated, how you acquire your supplies, and what effect your organisation might have on your community.
  6. Young people are your future staff, competitors, suppliers or consumers, improving the way your organisation is seen by a young person can have a significant effect. Considering taking in students on inspiration days teaching them about your organisation or sector and job roles associated with it. These can be arranged through E3 Bradford visit – http://www.e3bradford.co.uk/work-inspiration-week/ – to find out more.
  7. When thinking about your energy use, it may be of benefit to your organisation to use a ‘smart meter’ read here – http://www.britishgas.co.uk/business/energy-services/monitoring/smart-metering – how a smart meter can help you save time and money by eliminating estimated bills and no more meter readings.
  8. You might like to consider running fundraising events to raise money for your company’s chosen charity; you could run a cake sale, take part in a run or walk and raise money from sponsorship or company fun day including a raffle of donated prizes by organisations in your network.
  9. Travel is essential to most businesses, ensure that where possible you are using public transport or perhaps walking to meetings. If your organisations have a fleet make sure that the vehicles are as eco-friendly as possible, including tyre pressures and speed Driving over 70mph will increase your emissions and can cost you up to 25% more in fuel to drive at 70mph compared to 50mph.
  10. The economy relies on many factors one of these factors is maintaining that skills do not leave your organisation when your staff do. A way to combat losing a specific skills set is to get trainees or apprentices, for which you can get monetary contribution from the government, to learn from your best members of staff the skills that are vital for your organisation.
  11. Often the only input a young person will have about their future career is from their parents or teachers, sharing your career journey with young people can give them an idea about their options after compulsory education and highlight to them that the path to career happiness can be unpredictable.
  12. You can also follow @RtBYorkshire to view more voluntary opportunities and community and environmental news.
  13. Monitor energy consumption, ensuring computers, lights and other electrical equipment is switched off when it is unused on an evening and over the weekend.
  14. Use tools that are at your deposal, Yorkshire Water have a handy hints and tips page for businesses which suggest ways to save water and money – http://www.yorkshirewater.com/business-customers/save-water/water-saving-devices.aspx. You can also have them do a water efficiency audit on your business.
  15. Getting your staff to be part of the activities can have great benefits, staff that feel part of an organisation are more productive and on board with organisational goals and objectives. You could organise a clean-up of the area surrounding your organisation to benefit your community or perhaps arrange a Schwapping event, where staff bring in their unloved items and swap them with other items which have been brought in of a similar value.
  16. If you can spare the time contemplate mentoring a local start-up business, this will boost the economy by creating new sales, new job vacancies and, if they employ locally, improving employment figures in your local area.
  17. Help young people to prepare for their future by assisting them to identify what strengths they can bring to a role building on their CV and increasing their confidence. You may also like to give them some pointers when it comes to interview techniques.
  18. Operating by example the Chamber also uses the Raising the Bar survey to ensure its commitment to the community and environment. By creating a handy short staff survey the chamber finds out how each member of the organisation has helped its community and environment. For a copy or advice on how to use this contact us at info@raising-the-bar.org.uk.
  19. Ensure that waste is segregated into the correct refuse collection and where possible re-used. Consider talking to suppliers about potential discounts for returning empty cartridges, paint pots, and other packaging.
  20. Always make sure you stay ahead of innovations that can save energy, time, streamline processes and money. Look out for environmental expo’s such as the ECO FAIR a free event ran annually to inform people about environmental advances – http://www.eco-fair.co.uk/
  21. Well trained and developed staff can add great value to your organisation both in terms of staff wellbeing and staying ahead of competitors by having innovative ideas and products. Junior Chamber International (JCI) provide young staff members an opportunity to network with other professionals and training and development opportunities, find your local JCI network here – http://www.jciuk.org.uk/
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